Thinking of moving to portugal & I know nothing

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My Partner, children (4&7) & I are thinking of moving to Lagos in Portugal. We moved to Oz 3+ years ago but I can not settle here (too far away from family) but we do not want to go back to the UK. Before we moved here I spent many years holidaying in Lagos and even lived there for 6 months before partner and kids came along.
I really would like as much information as possible regarding moving to Lagos as I don't know anything about living there i.e.
Employment - what is the employment situation like there and the wage structure
Property - is it better to rent or buy straight away
Schooling - would my children be able to cope in a state school or should I send them to a private one - also how many are in Lagos
Residency - do we have to have it and how do we go about getting it
Finance - Is it easy to open accounts etc
Sports - my son is a great little footballer and I would hate to think he would have to give it up because there aren't any sports facilities where he could play - is there anything like that in Lagos
I could go on and on but I'm sure you have got the idea that I know nothing and would very much appreciate any information that you could give me.

Thank you!!!


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Hi rafael,

If you have moved once to an English speaking country and it did not work out, I would think very seriously about moving to a non English speaking country. I would also suggest if you do move to Portugal, rent as it is not very easy to sell property here which will tie your money down, if it does not work out for you again.

Good Luck!!
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