Things To Ask Your Estate Agent


John Medina

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Can someone please tell me which questions I should ask the real estate agent while selling my property?

Dora Wi

There are a few questions that are important to ask, for example:
  • do they also represent the buyer? In some places this is possible legally but can result in a conflict of interest.
  • how exactly did they determine the listing price, to make sure they have the proper knowledge and didn't set an unrealistic price
  • is it possible to cancel the listing agreement? It's a good thing if you can cancel, they will have less of a chance at manipulating the selling process.
  • plus some general stuff like how will they advertise your home, how will they vet the buyer and how much their commission is. You should also ask about their previous success rate.


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Here are a few questions you can ask your real estate agent
1) How much do you charge?
2) Are there any additional charges?
3)How quickly can you sell a house to me?
4)What will happen of we disagree on something?
Vaneet Sethi

Vaneet Sethi

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  1. Ask the real estate agent about the charges he takes?
  2. Ask your agent to recommend the best strategy to prepare your property for sale, so that all the characteristics that we want to highlight are properly displayed.
  3. You can also ask your real estate agent to explain their marketing plan. That is, let him tell you what measures he plans to carry out to sell your house.
  4. Invite the realtor to meet with you at your home to evaluate your property. and ask him his point of view related to the cost of the property.



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Firstly, how many years of experience he has?
ask to see his real estate license (you wouldn't want to deal with a fraud dealer)
how does his commission work?
which kind of properties does he provide?
ask to explain the whole process from start to end.

Then you could deal with it accordingly.