The Palm Islands

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  1. Nicholas Wallwork

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    The Palm Islands are the only islands in the world constructed to look like Palm trees. They consist of two islands called Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. The islands are not there just for aesthetic purposes but they are also creating a large number of residential, leisure and entertainment centres on the island. Combining [...]

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  2. charlijay

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    The Palm Islands fascinate me! I've never read how they were made before, sounds really cool!
  3. sharpscale

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    i have beed to dubai and seen the Palm Jumeirah. It was created amazingly. And in order for you to appreciate more its beauty, you must try the sky diving.
  4. AshleyJohnson

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    It Was amazing. Palm Islands are the only one islands in the world constructed to look like Palm trees.
  5. SophieEvans

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    Yes you are right,. Its really cool
  6. Nathan Green

    Nathan Green New Member

    I have never been there, and now when I read this I added one more destination to my list. Fascinating. Thanks :)
  7. nmb

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    In many ways the Palm Islands are the height of decadence but then again this is Dubai, an area of the world which has been awash with money. Will this type of project ever be repeated again?

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