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Hi everyone,
Can anyone advise if it is it worth advertising a property for sale on the private sale stand of The French Property Exhibition? I've never been so I don't know how many people visit the stand, what type of properties those attending are looking for etc.
Good luck.


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Hi Harrison,
I think that it worth doing, but speaking as a graphic designer, you would do well to stand out from the crowd of other private sales. Also go there and do your bit.
As I remember it, the private properties for sale are displayed in identical Perspex containers and there are many to choose from. The details of the properties are usually black and white. So use colour at the top of the page and have colour photos. Dare to be different, if you are going to be there - stick colour stickers on your Perspex box, maybe your best photo or a message "Just reduced from Eu 300,000" or "Fantastic views from the pool" whatever the best sales lines are for you. Who is going to take down your stickers? And if they do put new ones up.
Be there, both of you, loiter near your perspex box, don't try and push people to see it but when you see somebody looking at the range on display, say to your friend carefully looking at the adjacent property "This one here looks good, I think we might have under priced ours...". OK this is hammy am-dram but better than being the awful person who comes up to you too quickly and starts selling. Maybe your style is more to strike up a conversation with browsers on the lines of "Do you think that we made a mistake putting our property here?" Everybody is an expert and loves to pontificate.
See you again
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