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Hey All,

The recent federal budget in Australia announced changes in the income tax rates for 05/06 and 06/07.
How will this affect investment in New Zealand? With the 30% bracket extending up to $63k, will it make NZ trusts less attractive for those earning less than this threshold? Are there other changes hidden in the details of the budget that an Australian investor needs to be aware of?


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Hi julio,

Why would you say that if you want to negative gear a property stick to Australia?
it is possible to bring some of the losses home to Aus from a negative geared NZ property (the loss incurred if interest payments exceed income).
If a property in NZ is going to have a good likelihood of capital growth but was going to be negatively geared, why not consider that instead of one here that by comparison you think would not have the growth?
Can you tell us why you think that you would not bother with negative gearing in NZ property?

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