The best time for investing property in Texas

Discussion in 'General Property Investment Discussion' started by irisemars, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. irisemars

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    I live in Dallas, TX for 5 years and I have seen that the property is often stable in the early of the year. So I decide use my save money in 5 years to buy a apartment for rent. Do you think now is the best time to do that?
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    The US stock market recently took a tumble but seems to have recovered extremely quickly. Some experts believe there is more volatility ahead in the short to medium term which could impact expected interest rate rises during 2018. While any delay in increasing base rates would be beneficial for the US property market, volatility in the stock market whether political or economic based does tend to have a knock-on effect to investor sentiment. Personally, I would hold off acquiring US property at the moment but I am not up to speed with the Texas market.
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    I am not wholly convinced that the political situation in the US is steady enough to start investing significant amounts of money in the property market. I would be interested to learn about the stability of the Texas political scene - is it a lot steadier than the general US situation?
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    Looks like Donald Trump is determined to start a trade war with China after announcing firm plans to increase tariffs on imported steel (after months of speculation) - how will China react?

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