Thane is better place to invest or Mumbai city?

Discussion in 'India property' started by JenniferKelly, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. JenniferKelly

    JenniferKelly New Member

    Hello Friends,

    I want to buy a residential flat, but can't make out which is the better place to buy a residential flat, Mumbai city or Thane?
  2. anniee

    anniee New Member

    Thane is the best place for long term investment and mumbai is the best place to invest and enjoy the living now with quality way of living
  3. ashishg

    ashishg New Member

    It also depends on your budget. If you can invest more money then definitely go for Mumbai as Mumbai is a bit on the expensive side as compared to Thane.
    Thane on the other hand is developing rapidly and the prices too are moving upwards rapidly. A lot of areas still have less prices, but are far from the railway station (5+ Kms), which is a good investment idea, if you have your own vehicle for travelling convenience.
  4. sunnyalex

    sunnyalex New Member

    Comming to investment part you should realy careful in choosing where to invest.
  5. markpeterson

    markpeterson New Member

    Both Mumbai and Thane are good places to buy residential flat. It depends on your budget which is suitable property for you.
  6. michwd

    michwd New Member

    depends on your budget, Mumbai is a bit expensive than Thane
  7. easyloans

    easyloans New Member

    Thane is the best region to invest. Mumbai is good only for a short term investment.
  8. madishah

    madishah New Member

    properties in Mumbai are the best deals and in long run they would provide good returns.
  9. MadhavJha

    MadhavJha New Member

    Thane is the best place to invest since it is developing day by day and less costlier than Mumbai.
  10. laxmanavantika

    laxmanavantika New Member

    As per my knowledge I will advise Mumbai city rather than Thane, because many business developments are going to surround Mumbai.
  11. sakshidhawan

    sakshidhawan New Member

    Both Thane and Mumbai are best place to invest, but if you are looking for long term investment, then Thane is the best place
  12. Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer Martin New Member

    The market segment of both the area differs. Property rate is very high in Mumbai city as compared to Thane. But now in Thane also their are various affordable upcoming luxurious property, which can be taken into consideration from long term investment point of view.
  13. Ritu Mehta

    Ritu Mehta New Member

    Mumbai is far better than Thane in many ways. From the infrastructure and to the living standard of people is completely different. Even though there are big big projects under construction and some may have completed, but then to it will take long time to make Thane some what like Mumbai. If money is not an issue, Mumbai is any day a better place to live than Thane. Infrastructure in terms of Electricity, Water, Transport, Offices, Entertainment etc are much better and convenient in Mumbai.
  14. riyabenerg

    riyabenerg New Member

    Better to choose depending on the budget and your interest. According to my knowledge i will advise to choose mumbai. But it is bit expansive in mumbai.
  15. Prithvi

    Prithvi New Member

    If budget is not an issue, then Mumbai is best..
    But if it is multiple or in small chunks then go for Thane. In small amounts Thane tends to give better return than Mumbai.
  16. diyhelp

    diyhelp Active Member

    What kind of rental yields are available in Mumbai and Thane?

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