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Discussion in 'German Property' started by unclebob, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. unclebob

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    just joined so hello !!

    Recently been to germay in the former eastern side on hols and being half german myself was interested in a property i saw for a very small sum of money.

    I have cut a pasted the advert but wondered if someone could translate or tell me what i can or cant do with this house....

    I assume it knock it down and start over or is it for total renovation...... from what i can gather its an empty shell and roof is ok and electrics and water need re doing ect !!! or is "Grundstuck" land only.

    Also could someone point out a link or info for taxes and insurance and other expenditure in having a property out there?

    Loads of questions i know but this forum seems to be the bests from what i've read on here.


    für das Grundstück

    1. Allgemeine Daten
    Reihenbebauung, Baujahr 1899
    Unterkellertes Mehrfamilienwohnhaus, Nebengelasse im Hofbereich
    Bauweise: Mauerwerk mit Holzbalkendecken, Fassade verputzt, mit Steildach
    Das Gebäude ist kein Einzeldenkmal

    2. Grundstücksdaten
    Flurstücks-Nr.: 575
    Grundstücksfläche: 148,00 m²

    3. Wohnungsbestand
    Wohnungsanzahl: 3 (alle leer stehend), davon
    2-Raum-Wohnungen: 3

    Wohnfläche: 149,97 m²

    4. Bauzustand
    Das Gebäude weist altersbedingt erhebliche Abnutzungserscheinungen sowie bauliche Mängel auf.
    Eine Komplexsanierung ist erforderlich (Sanierungsauflage).
  2. pjm003

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    Hi Steve, I am a Londoner living near Dortmund since 1997.... I am not a builder so do not know the exact terms in english, but here is a descriptive translation of your text:

    Just one note beforehand. The word "Grundstück" means "plot" or "land". In this context it means "plot with a house on it". "Für das Grundstück" is not grammatically correct German in this context, so assume it is not a native German selling the property....

    1. General: terraced building, constructed 1899. House divided into self contained flats. Underground cellars. Outbuildings. Brickwork construction with wooden joists/ceilings. Outer skin of building plastered (cement)& painted. Sloped roof. Not a listed building in its own right, but some kind of historical listing (not mentioned)

    2. Plot: Plot no. 575. Area: 148m² (so no garden I assume)

    3. No. of flats: 3. All empty. All 3 are 1 bedroom flats.

    3. Condition: the building is delapidated in accordance with its age and in need of some structural repair. The building cannot be knocked down (due to the listed status) and will need to be subject to complex renovatíon work according to the regulations applied to the listing.

    Dont buy this property, old chap. Unless you want lots of headaches that is....

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