Tennats run away without paying the electricity bills

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by Dashy, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Dashy

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    Hi all,

    I own a place in Varna which was rented out and the tennants have run away without paying the electricity bills. I do have their deposit wich is enough to cover the bills but just wanted to see if anyone else had the same situation?

    And if there is anything can be done about it.

  2. LofRek

    LofRek New Member

    Can't see the problem if you have the deposit. Just deduct and keep money for the electricity bill. Actually this is the whole point of taking the deposit, isn't it? The question is if the tenants were aware of the fact that they will have to pay extra for the electricity.

    My advice for you is to think about making the all inclusive prices when renting a holiday property. Add the electricity to your price list and it will be much simplier for you.
  3. You could always make the deposit big enough to cover bills and damages, and tell renters that you will take the electricity bill out of the deposit and then return it. That way they just make 2 payments to you - the rental fee and the deposit. You can figure out the meter and estimate the electricity yourself instead of waiting for the bill.
  4. Kjarkata

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    Just pay the electric bill from the deposit money before it gets disconnected or you will also have to pay the penalty...
  5. RafalPD

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    You can always go to police - you should have their copies of national ID's

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