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Tenancy Agreement

Hi Bob
A newbie...... came across this discussion and wondered if you have a copy of the tenancy agreement that i could have please, im having problems getting my title deeds and they require a list of many documents and this is one of them, the tenant has not signed a renewal contract for 1 year but has been paying the rent ok.

Morning Bob

Emailed Document to you.

Worth noting The Laws of Dubai take precedence over what is written on your Document and that any disputes can be taken before the Rent Review Committee.

You will read the document and there are a few clauses that just do not apply. For example it really is not that simple to evict a tenant and all though there have been many media reports of Land Lords cutting power and water and locking or changing locks, this is against the law.

What I am saying for your readers, do not get too concerned over what is written on your document as the Rent Committee will arbitrate in any possible dispute and many people remain confused in the absence of clear instructions and guidance

Procedure is straight forward and simple to rent your apartment, no need for solicitors.
When you locate a tenant have them sign your Rental Agreement
Procedure is to take a Security Deposit in the form of cash or cheque, would recommend at least DHS 2,000 to DHS 3,000
Obtain a copy of the tenants passport along with a copy of their UAE Visa, check that this is up to date, that way any problems you can chase it up with the Police.
Have the Tenant sign your Rental Agreement along with your self.
Payment is done with post dated cheques.
I accepted 4 Cheques, many people want 1 payment or 2.
Once a cheque is issued in UAE it requires a court order to cancel the cheque, many people are sitting in Dubai Jail for cheque related issues.
Rental Agencies or Real estate Agents will charge a fee to present you with a Tenant, usually 5% of the rent and this is paid by the Tenant to them. My experience ( I have moved 4 times ,absolutely no service provided to the tenant at all, so if you are advertising your property for rent make sure you explain NO COMMISSION Diret from Owner. It will make a difference

I think you are waisting your money to have a Rental Agency manage your property in the first year as any problems are delt with by Nakheel


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Title Deeds

Hi Imran
How can i contact you to talk further