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Anyone out there bought into any of the apartments in Tasyaka going by name "Sea View".

They have apparently built 3 blocks already, the fourth block is apparently well under construction and my wife and I am considering a purchase, they tell me there "is only 2 left" etc.

Have you bought one? Or do you have info about them, possibly problems known only to locals If so what can you tell me about:

1) The complex

2) The Tasyaka area in general

3) How easy is to get into Fethiya and Olu Deniz etc.

4) Anything that we should consider, havent bought abroad before so we are ultra cautious, also have been told if we use the main builders legal team etc. there will be zero charges? I am a suspicious swine - is this normal or just a good deal/

Your help is greatly appreciated


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First question: why are you considering buying ?.

Second question: have you visited the site ?.


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Thanks for replying

We are considering buyin in Turkey first and foremost as an investment.

Secondly for some rental income - enough to fund my own trips is fine, and for familly holidays.

We havent visited the site yet - we would not buy without:

A) seeing the site

B)seeing the completed blocks

C) Hopefully speaking to present occupiers - this is the purpose of my enquiry today as when I do go to view Iwant to be as knowledgeable as possible plus see as many developments as time allows - do you have any info that you could share




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Hi Phil

I have bought & live in the Tasyaka, on the hill, I have a sea view but it is not the sea view development as that is much higher up.

I would say that this area is good for investment as far as buying cheap and maybe selling on later (beware of large developments as re-sale is harder) but not a good rental investment as most holiday renters are looking at staying in the actual resort of Fethiye or up in Hisaronu, Ovacik.

The area is good for personal holidays/living but I would recommend a car as the hill is very steep and as yet the roads up to the new developments have not been built yet - planned for next Feb.

I would look at a smaller development and definitely view quite a few in the same area, but if you are looking for rental then I would look at a more central location.

I can recommend Select Properties in Turkey as they helped my friends buy in Tasyaka for Investment and also another friend bought for rental in Hisaronu from them without any problems


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thanks Fethiye for your knowledge

We are flying out on 28/11/ to view this and other areas - the one we have seen in tasyaka is made up of 4 blocks.

2 x pools dont look massive, doesnt have gym, sauna, rest. etc. on site. Dont really want a carnival atmosphere, more interested in quality privacy

Not too worried about renting out for long periods - only really interested in covering running costs - and quality hols for wife and myself.

Q? - Is Fethiye nearer to Tasyaka than Hisan. how far is Olu Deniz.

Taxi from Fethiye to Tasyaksa is How much?

taxi to Olu D. is how much?

The builder is called Manzara - heard of them.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Any other info you come across is greatly appreciated.

Ta very Much!



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My boyfriend worked for Manzara but hasn't been paid for 3 months, they have taken on too much and have financial trouble...do not trust them. There are lots of other builders building in the same area, would recommend looking elsewhere


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Hi Phil

The time distances & Taxi from Tasyaka are approx as follows:
Fethiye 10 Mins 15YTL
Hisaronu 10 Mins 20 YTL
Oludeniz 15 mins 25-30 YTL

The dolmus is by far cheaper about 2ytl into Fethiye Town & 3.5ytl into Hisaronu.
You can walk into Fethiye from there, a leisurely walk will take about 30 mins.

I was chatting to my friend over the weekend who has built up there, they now have just the one apartment left out of the 12 they built which are now all ready to move into & deeds issued. She would be happy to show the apartment if you want to look at alternatives, she may be able to tell you more than me also. You can contact her through the Selectpropertiesturkey website

Hope this helps



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Fethiye, thanks for the info, location seems good for all but rental opportunity - not looking to "make" on our purchase at most just cover running costs - also tasyaka seems well placed between Fethiye and Olu D.

Will def. consider the area.

thanks again.