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Tanjah Resort:Beware of bad agent

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by propertyinvest, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member


    I have been in contact with another member regarding the tanjah.A company called bluefish are selling this resort but wasnt offering the same terms.I contacted my agent who checked it out with the developer. what they are doing is taking a smaller reservation fee of £2000 to have a edge over competion, but the developer will not reserve the property for the client unless the full £3500 is paid. So do not buy though them.
    What i would like to know where does this 2000 go ,

    Jonathan by the sounds of it was just about to reserve but looks like he will go though the same agent as me Worldwide Frontiers - Overseas Offplan property investing in Morocco, Dubai ...
  2. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Propertyinvest. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss one agent on basis of what another one says. Perhaps you could ask mac101 (bluefish) from C4 forum to shed some light on the matter. I've had no dealings with bluefish and am neither defending nor recommending them.
  3. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    I spoke direct with the developer about the matter, so for me that is good anough to make people aware . i wouldnt make such a claim from 1 persons experience.
  4. flip

    flip New Member

    Bluefish your boat is sinking

    Your making things worse for yourself the more you write.

    How can you charge extra when you are already getting paid by the developer this is very greedy and is why companies like bluefish & casablanca have such a bad reputation.

    this should be STOPPED.
  5. The Royal

    The Royal New Member

    Worse. How is he making things worse. All he said was that piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah (LOL)
  6. flip

    flip New Member

    You are trying a common trick that most dodgy agents try that is when the going gets tough you make up a false name like you have above i.e. The Royal
    to try and get you out of this mess your now in.

    There are many agents selling this your agency is nothing special and other agents have not gone as low as you charging EXTRA MONEY.

    The customer should come first not the pound note lol.
  7. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

  8. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    BlueFish , you mention you make no extra money are you sure about that, what about the 6% commission dreamworld pay to agents ,have i missed something or they thought they would leave your company out and not pay you. Not good business lying you will be found out,
  9. flip

    flip New Member

    I agree bluefish are getting a bad name.
  10. Tony jones

    Tony jones New Member

    I would never trust any agent they are only interested in there own commission, they normally no nothing about the development in particular as they probably have 5 or 6 developments on the go, why not deal direct with the developer the people who no what is going on with that development.
    Direct access to developer visit : highgate property morocco
  11. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    Hi tony.

    I know what your saying but i feel there are some agents who are ok, i like to talk to people who are also property investors not just sales people reading from a script . You are right it is better to deal direct with the developer , you have a direct link to your site why not direct to the developers if you are saying one thing but on the other hand it looks different, anyway people who want direct access to the developer it is Dreamworld Signature Developments
  12. GB114970

    GB114970 New Member

    Be warned!!!

    Dreamworld cannot be trusted!

    Ziggy the director of this company has screwed many people over with similar UK investment properties! It had taken me months to get in contact with him, and I have still not received payments promised 3 months ago!

    Please think again before you trust this man.
  13. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Can you be a bit more specific (by PM if you would prefer) it is hard to tell from your post if you had a bad experience personaly or it was a bad development, I have met ziggy but do not really know anything about him.

    I have invested in Tanjah and welcome any information on my investment, but with these types of forums you have to be wary that people are not just airing their own agenda, I am not saying you are but lots of people do.
  14. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    Here we go again, someones first post, and guess what slate the project or say something bad. you should at least put some details of your problem not just say this person cant be trusted. People use this site to try and gain correct info, you are claiming something that i feel is not true. if you had some more posts i might take you more serious.
  15. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    very bold claims from someone who has had no input into any other post. Surprise surprise 1st post , npthing constructive just the dame old rubbish dont use this person , dont but here , there etc.
    Pisses me off we use this forum to gain knowledge and get the right info, if you made more than 1 post i might listen.
  16. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    (LOL) Agent GB114970 you funny old goat (LOL). Is this the best you could do (LOL). Here is a little secret but don't tell anyone ok, if you want to talk to Siggy here is what you have to do. First you have to call Dreamworld on 0121 323 1750 because this is where he hides from you most days. Usually it's the secretary who picks up, occasionally someone else pick up but don't let this fool you because they have been specially trained. And here it is, if you want to speak to Siggy you have to say the code words 'Can I speak to Siggy Hussain please' This usually works for me dude.
    (LOL)(LOL)(LOL)(LOL) oh nurse quickly the screens (LOL)(LOL)(LOL)(LOL).
  17. GB114970

    GB114970 New Member

    he'll have the last laugh not u, nor i!!

    :mad: You may laugh now, but losing thousands to this agent is not funny.

    You are right, that was my first post, just wanted to see if other people are in the same situation.

    Thanks for the info! But tried that number 100s of times, can't get past Doreen!!!
  18. GB114970

    GB114970 New Member

    The development is a success! Flats have been built and sold! But I do not own one! Ziggy who before Dreamworld, had Principal Homes (which now does not exist!) pulled out at the last minute, without giving any warning and has still not settled any payments! You can see why I am irate! If he had kept us informed and instead of giving false promises, I would not say he is untrustworthy!
  19. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    This one?

    Principal Homes
    562 Walsall Road
    B42 1LR
  20. GB114970

    GB114970 New Member

    No his brother is at this one!

    Not a happy guy either!
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