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TANGIER - City Center Apartment's

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by investor27, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Hi, Thought this maybe of interest to you, ive come across a development in Tangier City Center, apartments range from 2 - 3 beds, prices are cheap starting at only 22k for a 2 bed & 27k for a 3 bed. The smaller 2 bed is about 68 sqm & smallest 3 bed is about 88 sqm.

    Development consists of 6 blocks, 5 blocks have already been sold & the developer wants to sell of the last remaining block asap hence the price. The ground floor will consist of commercial shops, there is then a further 4 floors & Penthouse, downside is no lifts, this is a downside but its a price worth paying.

    Note these are city center apartments so there are no swimming pools on the development, however there is underground parking for residents.

    The development is about 5 mins walk from the popular Kabash, & about 10 mins walk to Tangier Beach. In my opition these would be good units to rent out to professional's & those wanting to explore Tangier. The city center is going through alot of development & these will make a good ROI.

    I've been advised by the agent prices are due to increase by the wkend, not sure on how true this is but we've seen this happen with other developments so it maybe an idea to act quickly if your interested

    Demand has been high since they were released on Thurs 18th Jan, if your interested let me know.
  2. flip

    flip New Member

    I would not buy these as they are the council type buildings in Morocco.
    Built mainly for low income Moroccans.

    I think its fair you tell people this.
  3. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    flip, thanks for advising, the agent ive got the information from did not advise me of this, i'll do some more research - Thanks anyway..
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