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Does anybody knows what is the situation of tamer towers , did anyone cancelled and got his money back ??


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Are all the towers cancelled ? In which case, is there an organised Tameer Towers investors group so that we can take action all together

Anna Duboff

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Alert to Tameer Clients!!!

Dear colleagues !!!
I have recently been to the contrustioin :( Seems like I've been to the project's grave. My mood got really spoiled. I thought that I've lost all my money at Reem Island, but recently, after a tedious search for a lawer, I've found one. He was few times in the "The National" articles. The lawer is very optimistic (there is good chance of getting the money back) and already has pretty much of clients. So guys I joined him as well. A lot of people will bw trying to get their money back through the court. So are there any people who would like to get their money back? Because it's just not fair to leave it all for them..... :mad:


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i have had extensive dealings with Tameer on Tameer Towers and various other projects of Tameer througout the UAE. When I spoke with Tameer in September 2012 they confirmed that they are waiting for approval from the master developer to allow their new main contractor on site but they did not know when this will happen. This story they have been telling me since January 2012.

Apparently they will start building on Tower A & B and once they are both past 50% they will start on Tower C & D. They offer no money back but are willing to offer discounts and extending the payment terms. This I have rejected because I have lost confidence in them.

I have instructed a solicitor and we are filing for arbitration in Abu Dhabi in the new year. Also, Tameer's office in Abu Dhabi is closed and the client relations director now sits in Princess Tower, Dubai (the handover office).

If I can help, please let me know!

Rory Jones

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Hi all, I'm a journalist for The Wall Street Journal. I'm looking into the outcome of the Tameer Towers issue and want to speak to investors who lost out. Please do get in touch with me on [email protected] or +971551093350 if you'd like to talk about your investment and subsequent legal battles.