Take a look at this typical Canadian summer and winter resort

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Hello Everyone,

I thought that it would be of interest here to show you a typical Canadian summer and winter resort, with tons of photos for you to look at.

I am not connected to the owners, I simply did a Google search and found their website. I am familiar with the location of the resort, as I have fished on that same lake a number of times in the past. The nearest town Magnetawan, dates back to the early days of lumber cutting in central Ontario, in the 1870's. The Magnetawan river was used , in the spring when the water levels are very high to float log booms down the river system, to the lumber mill at Burke's falls, about 30 miles away.

Now Magnetawan is primarily a summer cottage town, providing supplies and of course a place to buy beer and wine, at the "Beer Store " and the LCBO liquor store. The Red and White supermarket is a step back in time, to the 1930's era, with wooden floors and a metal ceiling, with slowly moving fans . The Schemler House, is a 3 story wooden hotel built in 1877, and it is the only place in Magnetawan that serves cold beer by the bottle or the can, with light meals , and entertainment on Friday and Saturday night, when the crowd shows up for a get together, with the "townies" and the "city folks " having a good time.

Here is the website for the resort. Take the time to really look at the photos, and YES those are snowmobiles, parked outside the rooms, in the winter time. We embrace the snow and live in it, every winter. We also love the summer, so we can enjoy the sunny days and the hot weather.

The owners speak English, French and German. They get clients from all over the world.

Let me know what you think about the resort and the wilderness scenes on the lake and the trails. Also take a look at the photos of the animals who live nearby.
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