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Superior Real Estate Group and Carol Vorderman Overseas Homes

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by SherlockHolmes, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. SherlockHolmes

    SherlockHolmes New Member

    You will have read other postings about the other directorships of the North Brothers in addition to Superior Real Estate Group Ltd which is now in administration. Contracts for purchasers buying in Saidia were made with OASIS at Saidia SARL (a company run by the North Brothers) with representation in the UK by Oasis Beach and Golf Resort Ltd (another North Brothers company).

    There have also been postings about a possible link with Carol Vorderman Overseas Homes who shared the same office address as Superior and, previously, the same registered address (a freehold building owned by Superior). Posters have reported that the same receptionist answers the phone for both Oasis and CVOH and that some redundant Superior staff now work for CVOH. Any link between the two companies has been strenuously denied by a poster from CVOH. The same poster admits to having once worked at Superior prior to retirement in 2006 but has now employed some ex Superior staff.

    With a little help from Watson the following facts may be of interest:

    * Superior Real Estate Group Ltd was previously known as Overseas Homes and Investments Limited– they changed their name in 2002. The two directors of Superior (and OASIS) are Christopher John North and Geoffrey Clifford North.

    *In March 2007 a new company was incorporated called Overseas Homes and Investments plc listing four directors : Christopher John North, Geoffrey Clifford North, Michael John Reeder and Terence O’Connor

    *In March 2007 a new company was incorporated called Caribbean Resort Developments Limited listing three directors : Christopher John North, Geoffrey Clifford North, and Terence O’Connor

    *Carol Vorderman Overseas Homes Limited was incorporated in September 2007 and has two directors: Michael John Reeder and Terence O’Connor (occupation given as retired).

    I trust that there is nothing of consequence which I have overlooked?
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  2. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper New Member

    Hi Sherlock

    Nearly correct - in March 2007 the company formed was Overseas Homes and Investments plc, M. Reeder has no part of Caribbean Resort Developments Limited and YES T O'Connor was retired, sadly no longer. You missed out on the part that T O'Connor was C North's father-in-law, athough I am sure you are well aware that children cannot choose their parents and similarly parents have little say in who their children marry.
  3. SherlockHolmes

    SherlockHolmes New Member

    Quite correct. I have checked back on documentation and I apologise for this error. I have amended the original post.

    Thank you for pointing this out. What we need here is transparency to appease everyone's concerns.

    Perhaps you could also clarify the names of the four directors of Carol Vorderman Overseas Homes - it is widely reported in the press that there are four directors, yet only two are listed at Companies House.
  4. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper New Member

    Hi Mary Poppins

    Your post is no longer there because it was libellous being completely untrue. Post this statement again and be prepared to accept the consequences
  5. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper New Member

    Hi Sherlock
    Given your efforts at uncovering the truth, I would have thought that by now you would have learnt not to believe all you read in the press. There are now and have only ever been two directors of CVOH and indeed shareholders. Michael John Reeder and Terence O'Connor. There is one single share (casting vote) in a third party name (Blauverd).

    You will note from my responses I am very much in favour of transparency BUT also accuracy. If contributors do not know the facts they need to refrain from making them up or guessing. I do accept your errors were quite genuine.


    vorderman is superior obviously

    Any one find it strange that at the latest A Place in The Sun in the GMEX the old superior stand had a few Carol Vorderman stickers on it ?

    At Last, a name you can trust in overseas property?
  7. lostforwords

    lostforwords New Member

    This is an old listing from the ukdata website before the registered address was changed. Perhaps Grim Reaper will tell us what did actually happen.


    Sincere apologies if I have got this wrong.
  8. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper New Member

    Hi Catface Cat and Lost Forewords
    I think it is time that you both got a life.

    The stand looked similar to Superior as stand builder used was the same builder, address of original Registered office was same building as Superior as I rented offices there.


    All right Grim Reaper or Vorderman what ever your name is, calm down. It was obviously the same stand you funny little man / z list celebrity.

    I'm sure I recognised some of the sales team on there from the old superior stand. Or were they Just registered at the same address?

    Too many coincidences I'm afraid.

    Why is Carol Vorderman not one of the company directors?

    Also do you realise that every time you type in one of these chat rooms
    carol vorderman and superior it just helps the post move up google. Check it out type carol vorderman and superior in google this post is at the top.

    Grim Reaper a name you can trust . . .
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