Superb Oppurtinity: Serenity Apartments Development In TRNC...

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Dear members of;

We as NCP (North Cyprus Properties) are proud to
announce a perfect investment oppurtinity in TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

The Serenity Bellapais Apartments

The Development : For information about the beautifull project,
please visit North Cyprus Properties and Estate Agents

Northern Cyprus : For information about the beautifull island, please visit Northern Cyprus Hoteliers Association - KITOB - North Cyprus Hotels Holidays -

Bellapais : with spectacular sea & mountain views, a historical town of beauties and a serene, silent environment with an elite local community.

Our new development is located in the finest area Bellapais, 6 two-storey blocks with a total of 24 apartments;

8 of 75 m2 (1 Bedroom),
12 of 95 m2 (2 Bedrooms),
4 of 115 m2 (3 Bedrooms)

flats are available.

Our aim is to create a 5 Star standard living space and a perfect investment oppurtinity with lots of advantages for our customers, the Bellapais development is a perfect match, with fascinating sea and mountain views, fresh mediterranean breeze and of course, serenity.

Serenity Bellapais site facilities;

--%70 of the site arranged as all green Canadian grass.
--Oval shaped large swimming pool with jacuzzi and pool bar area.
--Community Club area with BBQ sets, Projection Screen, modern tent cover.
--Mediterranean Garden with the different beauties of the Mediterranean.
--Wireless Internet Access all around the site.
--Easy access walkways and parking spaces.
--24h site manager on site.
--High pressure water system and central sewage system.

Bellapais Serenity Apartments Offer;

-'Exchange' type of %100 Secure title deeds.
(Same type that was subject in the Orams Case, won by TRNC)
-10 Year Construction Guarantee
-Money Return Guarantee
-Inspection Trip Refunding (Up To ?500 from UK when purchased)
-High ROI (Return Of Investment) Values, over %15 at completion.
-Guaranteed Rental Return (%6 Per Annum)
-Customer Commission / Discount Offers (Up to %6)
-Different Payment Options to match your budget such as;
--%5 Discount when paid in full
--Stage Payment with online weekly updated latest progress photos
-Smart Home option package
-Decoration packages for ready-to-live apartments
-Legal advise and consulting from reliable lawyers.
-Consulting services for helping our customers to settle / live in TRNC.

Serenity Bellapais Site Just Away From:

Nearest Supermarket: 3 Minutes Walking Distance
Nearest Pharmacy: 4 Minutes Driving Distance
Nearest Hospital: 4 Minutes Driving Distance
Nearest Restaurant: 2 Minutes Driving Distance
Nearest English Pub: 3 Minutes Walking Distance
Nearest Fitness Center: 5 Minutes Driving Distance
Kyrenia City Center: 4 Minutes Drive / 20 Minutes Walking Distance
Bellapais Abbey: 5 Minutes Driving Distance
Nicosia (Capital City): 20 Minutes Driving Distance

When Buying Property in TRNC;

-Please be carefull who is developing your property, look for references.
-Be sure to have construction guarantee and money return guarantee.
-Definetly have a view of the land, never buy before you see and explore the actual land.
-Be sure the title deed is 'clean' with no previous mortgages or anything which would put you in trouble later.
-Be sure to get legal advise, when signing your contract, be sure your lawyer has a view of it.
-Don't believe real estate speculators, make stable researches.
-Be sure you agree with the developer about the material going to be used in your building, from floor tiling to lighting.

Live Serenity...

Please visit our website, we're the local sole agents for the Serenity Apartments; please visit North Cyprus Properties and Estate Agents for more details and contact information;

Thank You Very Much,
NCP Sales Team
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