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Sunset Resort Asilah

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by yield, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. yield

    yield New Member

    Has anyone seen the sunset resort yet in asilah? Its north of asilah according to Moroccan agents property borders. construction already started.

    Does anyone know who the developer is?

    The pricing looks good for a beachfront resort, what do you guys think?
  2. flyer

    flyer New Member

  3. yield

    yield New Member

    What do you mean by details as I have already said that the Sunset resort is being marketed by property borders look on their website propertybordersdotcodotuk
  4. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    Property borders trying to drum up business again, For f's sake.

    If anyone wanted this resort they would go to the main agent. prestigepropertiesoverseas dot com

    They dont have outline planning yet. It will be another Paradise Golf And B!tch, only this time they want 50 percent up front not 40.
  5. tony_prior

    tony_prior New Member

    Jesus chil for gods sake, how can you call yourself jesus with this kind of language.
  6. yield

    yield New Member

    Is that correct jesus it seems you have a habit for wrong posts (see jesus's posts) and again you have the wrong info.

    1) I dont work for property borders) but if they do have any jobs going please let me know.

    2) you are wrong again. all the planning permission is in for the sunset resort, and the building has already started as I have been told by your company prestige.

    3) please check you facts before shouting your loud mouth off.

    Last edited: Sep 11, 2007
  7. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    Prestige dont even have a site plan yet

    Get a copy of outline planning for us all Yield [LOL] never mind a building licence.

    Ive nothing against the resort, they are coming in at the right money, but then again they are200 meters from the beach behind Asilah Beach Resort

    Building has started----------Yield you go too far
  8. tony_prior

    tony_prior New Member


    i've heard from many agents that the building has started and as for the location, its north of asilah, not at asilah beach.
  9. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    they havnt even started at Paradise g9lf and Beach.

    If Prestige even had outline planning it would be on their site.

    Show me any kind of licence.

    if they have started work on the site they must have the building licence, where is it? They kept people waiting on Paradise golf and beach for well over a year before they had the licence.
  10. yield

    yield New Member

    Jesus are you telling the holey truth?

    Of course construction has started this has nothing to do with prestige who you must work for as you keep on mentioning them. The developers is moroccan not prestige.

    Jesus my lord you lie too much.
  11. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    I never said Prestige were the developers, they are not the developers of Paradise golf either. Listen stop pissing around and just get everyone a copy of outline planning never mind the building licence. They dont even have a site plan for christ sake.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2007
  12. yield

    yield New Member

    I have now seen a photo of the buildings being built on the Sunset Resort in Asilah & can confirm that building has started. The area around asilah is going to have 4 golf courses and that does not include the 2 further golf courses being built south of asilah in Lixus.

    This area is looking great for investment.
  13. sandals

    sandals New Member

    Flip is this resort beachfront? if it is then the price looks very attractive.
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