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Sunset Beach Contracts

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Mark68, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Mark68

    Mark68 New Member

    Its reaching the deadline for the Sunset Beach Contracts to be signed.
    Has anyone actually signed their contract and sent it back with the money yet??
    I`m very concerned about how vague the wording seems to be and also the lack of any written planning permission for this site.
    Has anyone had the contract checked by a solicitor??
    The lack of any kind of bank security is also of great concern as the contract states if planning permission is not granted we will get our money back plus 1%, but this will be paid by the developer and is NOT secured in any way, so what would stop the developer dissappearing with our hard earned cash?
    Be very interested in hearing peoples thoughts on this site, especially from anyone who has either signed or decided not to sign....
  2. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Anyone proceeding with Sunset Beach? have you signed & returned contracts with the 20%? what stage is everyone currently at? SAffron are pushing for the 20%...
  3. rent_a_gob

    rent_a_gob New Member

    Pulled out... of Les Palmiers de Casablanca

    Hi, we booked our appartment in Les Palmiers de Casablanca some time ago having originally reserved at Les Palmiers de Casablanca. When the contract came through i went through the sizing of the appartments and noticed that the text and all the information we had been given up to that point had stated 90 sqm for the Penthouse Appartment we were hoping to buy. I raised this an an urgent concern to Saffron and was given no satisfactory reply or told it would be fixed so we pulled out. We have just received our deposit of 2,000 back but it has taken over 5 weeks to get here. Which is why we were reticent about posting anything before now. Other thing that seriously disappointed us was that we were told we would get an 8% discount on the price because we had originally booked at Les Palmiers de Casablanca and after we had reserved were were told that the Penthouse Appartments for some strange reason didn't apply and we would not get the discount.. we stayed at this point because we were still keen because 90 sqm is a good size. Anyway.. hope this helps...
  4. rent_a_gob

    rent_a_gob New Member

    90 Sqm Sunset Beach Club’

    Sorry forgot to mention in the previous post.. the text etc of the contract and all documents had stated 90 sqm but the sizing on the layout measurered up in total to only 65 sqm which is a big shortfall.
  5. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    VAT on top of purchase price...?

    ** VAT is included, my mistake **

    Another line "This apartment is liable to its share of the community charges at the percentage level that will be determined on obtaining the bill of sale & final literature" - So im assuming at the moment we have no idea what this is...

    A few other things raise concerns, anyone else in similar situation...?
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2007
  6. roodboy

    roodboy New Member

    dodgy contracts

    what does your lawyer say?

    please dont tell me that you arent using a lawyer ....
  7. Scarlet

    Scarlet New Member

    Did you sign up in the end

    Hello Mark68,

    I have just received a contract and have the same concerns as you. Did you actually sign in the end?


  8. Scarlet

    Scarlet New Member

    Did you ever get the 90 sq meters sorted out?


    I have just received a contract for Sunset Beach with a plan that does not add up, did you ever get this sorted or did you walk?


  9. Scarlet

    Scarlet New Member

    Did you actually sign up in the end?

    Hello Investor 27,

    Just received a contract for Sunset Beach, I am very nervous about a few things. Did you sign?


  10. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Hi Scarlet, as yet not signed, there are many aspects I am not happy with, I will not mention these on forum, if you wish to discuss further do send us a PM.
  11. Mark68

    Mark68 New Member

    Hi Scarlet,
    The contracts are being re-written again to include an escrow account which means the money can only be released by a solicitor at certain times in the build.
    This shouls hopefully give us some kind of security on the build.
    The plans are also being re-done with the correct measurements on it..
    Have you signed yet yourself??
  12. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Mark, I received my updated contract with escrow account details on Saturday, this makes me feel that little bit more confident in paying the initial 20% deposit, however the developer is charging individuals 450 euro's for paying into this escrow account. As i understand many clients are being pushed to pay the desposit & sign contract before the 4th June, on this date a price increase is due, if payment is not made by the 4th June, the current price offered will not be honoured, (though individuals may have different arrangements?)

    What position is everyone else in? have people signed contracts / paid 20%? I feel a little more confident as 20% will now be going into escrow account, not developers.

    I've just been talking to a broker with view of converting pound to euro, at a push you maybe able to get 1.47 euro to pound.
  13. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Update to those still in Sunset Beach

    Hi All, ive also been in contact with Ben with regards to the Sunset Beach Development, my main concern is in relation to the actual development being firstly completed & secondly to the specification stated.

    Did anyone else watch Watchdog on Mon 9th Feb? It showed how many people had been caught out with buying off-plan in Bulgaria, the development is completed to a poor spec, no water or electricity, the sales agent then does not want anything to do with helping the purchaser & advises the contract is between the purchaser & developer... & then where is the developer? - nowhere to be seen!

    Lee & Stu, im assuming you've now both paid the 40% deposit & we should be getting regular updates, feedback & some assurance this development will complete to the spec detailed, lets all try keeping in contact, im happy to advise of my e-mail address & put pressure on the developer to provide this info, feel free to reply back to this note or PM me.

    Anyone else who has reserved on Sunset Beach & would like to join us in getting updates / aplying pressure PM me & i'll setup a mailing list, sound ok?
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