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Sufficient funds question

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by amir, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. amir

    amir New Member

    hello all,
    For a person who wants to retire in BG, it says apart from the pension you are supposed to show sufficient funds.

    Could somebody please tell me what is considered sufficient funds to cover basic expenses in Bulgaria per person? Do the funds have to be shown in cash in a bank account, or can a person show other income, for example coming from renting out property or income from a business in a country other than Bulgaria?

    Thanks for advice in advance
  2. andre

    andre New Member

    hello amir,
    Ah, the $64,000 question. We are (vicariously) just going through the same exercise. Nobody at the ministry of Lichna Cards has mentioned "sufficient funds" but that may well crop up further down the long line. To get our business-oriented Lichna cards earlier this year we had to show more than 3,000 leva in the bank, evidenced by a 15 leva letter from the bank. A relative is trying the pensioner approach and apparently needs a bank reference as well as more money in the bank.
    It's August now and Bulgaria could well be in the EU by January. Unless Mr Blair falls in with the no-Bulgarians-no-Romanians faction we might well find that in six months' time the cumbersome admin has drifted out of sight. Perhaps it is worth waiting quietly to see if the rules change on 1 January (they usually do) and Brits are allowed to spend more time here with less photocopies.
    all the best
  3. amir

    amir New Member


    At least now I have an idea of an approximate figure.
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