Successful investors from 2005-2007

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by mike.stewart, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. mike.stewart

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    Hi all,

    Many on us on this forum would be very interested to hear from folks who invested in properties in Dubai between 2005-2007, and since have taken delivery.

    For obvious reasons, you would need to provide the name of the development (discourages estate agents and developers from posting fictitious numbers):

    - Development Name and Delivery/Completion year:
    - Annual return for unit size (1BR, 2BR, etc):
    - Occupancy percentage per year:

    If Dubai property market is buoyant and healthy, as many might like us to believe, the response to this thread would be the proof.

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  2. mike.stewart

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    Nearly 200 reads but no response.
    There are, in my view, only 3 possible reasons:
    1) Not enough investors reading this post - (highly unlikely)
    2) Investors have failed to make any good returns in Dubai - (reasonably likely)
    3) Investors shy of posting their returns - (quite likely)

    As this issue is at the heart of any investment venture, in the interest of fair consumer advice, is the Admin for this forum willing to make this thread 'sticky' ?

  3. mike.stewart

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    To the Forum Admin:

    Please could you make this thread 'sticky'?

    Property investments is all about profits, and if there is no profit in Dubai properties, it should be made public, in the interest of consumer protection.

    We are not talking about "cheap defective made-in-china baby products", instead, it is about investments costing millions - this is serious money, with serious consequences for investors.

    We need to know if there is real profit in the investments people are making.
    We need to have the proof and the transparency.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Your wish is my command:smile:
  5. mike.stewart

    mike.stewart Member

    Page 57, The Economist 1st Aug 2015.

    "Dubai Residential-property prices are expected to fall by 10-20% this year, amid worries about an excess of supply"

  6. lookinginvest

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    Hi @mike.stewart I was just wondering about your opinion of the Dubai property market at this moment in time - is it time to buy/sell/hold?
  7. Dubai2020

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    I wasn't a real estate investor until lately (buy-to-let investor) and the ROI seems amazing (7-8%) which I think is very attractive compared to most other markets (3-5%). I'm a long term investor, so I'm not too worried about price fluctuations.
  8. Are we not comparing very different markets today compared to those in 2005/07? The introduction of new regulations, investor protection and improvements in the financial system have created a very different environment today.

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