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Studios for sale

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Lsab, May 22, 2008.

  1. Lsab

    Lsab New Member


    K7 Top floor, end unit with balcony, approx size (as stated in contract) 495 sqft.

    Keen to sell quickly at the right price!

    Please PM if you're interested.
  2. Howsbuya

    Howsbuya New Member


    Hi Isab
    I read what you said about yr feelings when you saw the place for the 1st time. I agree - it's really quite pleasant and good value for the money paid.
    May I ask you why yr selling? Do you think the price has peaked? I'm not being nosy - I'd just appreciate yr viewpoint.
    Best wishes
    PS I just bought another 1 bed - Prime Residences are building 2 wings between Spain and Emirates Road - prices are still rising.

  3. hashdan64

    hashdan64 New Member

    I have a buyer

    i have a buyer ready with cash ,......kindly tell me more details
    call me Tariq +971 55 83 66
  4. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Didn't think you're being nosy at all - we should be able to ask these sort of questions on the forum. :)

    If we could refinance and keep it we would, but seems there's no way. I actually feel it's still got a way to go before it peaks - I'm sure that once some of the shops are open and the landscaping/lake is finished, it will become even more sought after. I think that you need to find the line between that happening and the place looking a bit too 'lived in'. As long as it's all maintained properly that shouldn't be a problem.

    We want to buy more property and this studio is hopefully going to finance 3 more outside of Dubai!! Good luck with your new purchase.
  5. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Thank you Tariq. The details are as above. Still trying to find out if the building owner has completed land registration.

    I've had lots of replies saying that 'they have a ready cash buyer' but then I never hear from them again!!! Can you give me more details i.e. what price is your buyer prepared to pay?


  6. hashdan64

    hashdan64 New Member

    you can get an handsome amount , i am liviing in same building , do cal me on my mobile
    +971 55 83 515 66
  7. MishMish

    MishMish New Member

    ha ha "WE HAVE CLIENTS, READY CASH BUYERS" I have also had so many hot potato calls about my apartment, never to hear from them again.
    However I do have other agents that have serious buyers willing to put down a deposit. Personally I am now hanging on to sell until the Title Deeds come through as I will not receive the final payment until then.
    I am also having second thoughts whether to sell or not now. I have seen the Lake District has been launched which will make the area in front of Greece much more attractive. I was planning to reinvest the money in possibly a 1 bed in JVS and a studio. However I will be looking at minimum 2 years completion. Which is already 110,000 I could have earn't in rent from IC plus its general appreciation. Im not sure what capital gains are expected for a small studio & apartment in IC. I then have the stress of following the construction process. Perhaps I keep my apartment in IC and buy just a studio in JVS. Lower risk.
  8. Howsbuya

    Howsbuya New Member

    Cheers Isab
    Yep - I'm totally with what you say. Greece will certainly benefit from "The Lake District" (haha), which will hide the monstrosity if not its emissions! I had a look at where they're building and it's right next to the sewerage plant!!!! How can they sell those??? And Emirates City is starting 1 beds at 750,000 which will drag ours up.
    Good luck to you too.
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