Starter Home Layout Query



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Hi All,

I'm looking to purchase a 1 bedroom starter home property for a buy to let investment and I think have found one in a suitable location, however I'm slightly concerned with the design / layout. In the layout of the building, there is a front (or street) facing property, and the property I'm looking to buy is behind it, with a side facing entrance door (small extension leading to door with a sloping roof). The front facing property benefits from the small front garden and the rear property the back garden which is larger, so in effect, if we look at the building from the perspective of the street, the properties are split down the side (horizontal line). Also, there is an adjacent set of 2 properties to the right hand set with a similar split down the middle, so in total, 4 homes are joined together in the building with 2 shared walls for each.

With this sort of layout which appears to be common for all properties on this street (which isn't something I have come across too often),would this cause any issues with regards to potentially finding tenants for renting and also with resale value as opposed to a more traditional terraced property that is split simply down the middle (vertical only)? I'm thinking that a side entrance door (with a small gate in front to separate it from the other property) may be a slight detractor because the property is a bit concealed, but just wanted to see if anyone else has seen properties like this and if it's anything to be concerned with for a long-term investment.

Thank you.


Do you have any design documents/images we can look at as, even though you have described it in detail, it is difficult to picture.