Stamp Duty Land Tax 2015

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by gih_hk, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. gih_hk

    gih_hk Member

    The common agreement is that apartments and houses below £937,000 will cost less because of the reduced rate compared to the old policy. How do you see the state of the London property market from the perspective of an investor in such a case?

    Would love to get feedback from anyone who's following the topic at hand.

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  2. Jonathan Rolande

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    SDLT will have little impact on the upper end in terms of volume, but prices may rise slightly less quickly than they would have done.

    A bigger issue is the events in the world that may slow the amount of foreign investment into London.
  3. gih_hk

    gih_hk Member

    SDLT and Foreign Investors

    Yes. Perhaps there will be some correlation with the volume of investors in London property but I believe luxury apartments and developments will not be as badly hit because of they still see UK as a safe investment environment.

    Appreciate your insight, mate.

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  4. Jonathan Rolande

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    Yes fair point, the worse things get elsewhere, the better the UK looks I guess. These are crazy times!
  5. gih_hk

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    I've been getting lots of news of the market still rising in terms of growth. Anyone have their two cents on this or maybe it's a way to pacify a cooling market?

    I personally believe that the market will remain viable. Supply is low and demand is high. That looks like a positive scenario for developers.

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