Stamp duty charges and impact to second mortgage?



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I'm new to the forum and hope to learn a lot about property but also would appreciate if anyone can assist with a query I have on the upcoming stamp duty changes.

I currently hold a joint residential mortgage with my partner. We are looking to separate with him staying in the flat and I would look to purchase another flat to live in. I plan to stay on the mortgage and be responsible for half of the mortgage payments. Under these circumstances, will the additional 3% stamp duty apply when I purchase another flat?

From what I have read, the 3% does not apply if you are purchasing a new main residence, but only if you sell your previous main residence. I do not plan to sell but I do plan on moving my main residence to the new flat.

Any advice or help would be appreciated!


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This all sounds very complicated. Is your partner going to pay rent to you or effectively live in the property while only paying half the mortgage? I would guess the additional 3% stamp duty charge may come into play because you already own part of one property. Surely your next investment, whether or not you deem it to be your place of residence, would be seen as a second purchase?

I am not an expert in this field and would appreciate anybody with knowledge of this mortgage query. Very interesting question though!


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If i speak honestly, a professional may help you better in understanding the terms and advice you better, due to certain policies in every state.