Spate of skyscraper fires in UAE causing concern

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Over last few months we have seen a number of high-profile skyscraper fires across the United Arab Emirates. The authorities have seemingly unearthed a material called ACP (aluminium composite panels) which is used in two thirds of buildings around Dubai. We will need to await the official report into these latest fires but there would

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The authorities seem to have identified potential issues with the structure of the buildings in question and we should hear more in due course. Whether this will slow down the constant need amongst developers to build the highest skyscrapers remains to be seen but it is of concern.


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The Torch tower in Dubai Marina caught fire 3 times in 3 years and this happens to be one of the foremost communities in Dubai.


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Surely there must be a physical limit when the height of a skyscraper tips the balance between safe and unsafe? We just cannot keep on building higher and higher buildings with no increase in danger?


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The human race continues to push and push at the natural boundaries and, while fascinating to watch, surely the risk factor must rise as these huge buildings stretch further and further into the sky?