Spanish citizenship linked to property purchase

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    While the Spanish government has decided to use the visa system to attract investors to the Spanish property market, not all governments around the world use this particular strategy. There are some countries around the world which require you to have a certain type of visa before you can own property which can cause issues if you are not aware of this.

    If you spend over €200,000 on a Spanish property you will be eligible for Spanish citizenship after a few years. While there are other restrictions which may hinder or delay Spanish citizenship this is an interesting way in which to use the Visa system to attract overseas investors. The moral of the story is to be fully aware of these requirements when looking to acquire property in the many property markets around the world.
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    Spain is a beautiful country but noone would invest in a sinking boat. The country is nearly bancrupted. The only good side of the Spain programmes is that they are affordable and once the investor/ business person invests the amount of 200, 000 euros, he also obtains a Schengen residency/ visa and may change his location.
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    Other Restrictions

    Other requirements for citizenship by property purchase include good character ( Character certificate from legal authority of your country will work), good health and most important capable of making property investment using legal ways.:smile:

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