So, where would you buy?

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Hey Guys,
Come brainstorm with me. Where would you buy a house in Europe? Here are the parameters. It would be mainly a holiday home, but shouldn't be in an area that is in a 'bubble'. There must be an airport within 1 hour and preferably, an international school in proximity. The goal would be to buy and build some equity. There should be good access form Central/Eastern Europe.

OK...that's it. So, where would you buy??



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Hi Nicholas
In Bulgaria, of course!
I have something here very suitable for you.
-nice house with big garden
-international airport-35 min. away
-international school-25 min.
-sandy beach-3km. away
The house will be build by your request.
If you were planning a property purchase for investment or pleasure, now is the time.
We will assist you in buying process. This process involves providing you full support in the run up to you purchase and full support after. Whether legal and financial before or rental and maintenance after we will be with you every step of the way.

Best Regards


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Hi Nicholas,
Thank you so much for that information. I have been thinking of taking a look at Bulgaria and saw this post. I am saving your information.

Best wishes
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