Singapore New Launch Developer Property



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Plenty of new upcoming discount new launches TOP is coming in town.

Santa Clause is coming to down. Merry Christmas to all.


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Patient wait.

I will think the good time will be wait till next Singapore election. So much of cooling measures and supplies are manipulated to answer to Singaporean request from the last election. Stay tuned mate.
Another factor is most of the market and senior business man indication next year 2015 global market is not confident looking forward.

Long term we still confident in Singapore.

Anyway, let's get ready to celebrate Christmas first :) Happy New Year


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I should say Singapore Government is very smart in implementing the cooling measures to keep the market stable and reduce the "super high leverage" by investors/speculators due to the ultra low interest rates. They understand to keep the price stable so that the price wont be shaken too much in the event of another economic crisis.

So Singapore Property Market may not give you the faster price appreciation like before but once cooling measures are unwind, interest rates normalize, we should see another positive momentum being built.

But do note Singapore office space prices are performing positively in the recent years due to very limited supply and more and more businesses being set up according to ACRA report


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yeah, as long as TDSR remains, singapore property market will continue to dip.


Many are "hoping" property price will drop. Well, buyer always hope for that, once this people becomes home owner, they will feel the property price will not drop as they own the best unit in Singapore if not the whole world.

When the day the price of a cup of coffee drops to the price of 10 years ago, then I will believe prices for all things will drops including property.

Once all this property regulation becomes a norm, buyer will become accommodate to it and things will be back to normal.