Should UK investors looking overseas hold off for now?



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As we approach the business end of Brexit negotiations - which must surely result in a trade deal - should UK investors looking to acquire property overseas hold off until we see more of a recovery in sterling compared to pre-Brexit vote levels? Or is sterling now stuck in a new trading range which might be in place for many years go come? Or is there further downside and now might be the time to use sterling's current "strength" to diversify away from the UK?


I can see further downside in sterling in the short to medium term - even if the UK gets a great deal the EU will still take a tough stance until the very last minute. Interesting play for those brave enough to take on both the currency markets and overseas property markets.


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Taking on one market at a time, property or currency, is hard enough but taking on two markets is challenging to say the least. However, we live in unique times at the moment and maybe now is the time to be brave?


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The UK government is rumoured to be on the verge of walking away from EU negotiations regarding Brexit. Whether this is good or bad for the UK economy in the long-term there is no doubt it will cause short-term confusion if it was to happen. Personally, I would hold off investing in any property assets in the UK in the short term.


I have sat on the sidelines for a while now watching Brexit - I would argue we are at or near the bottom of the Brexit cycle. There is talk that some EU members are not happy with the tough stance taken by the EU team and it is only a matter of time before the unhappy parties break cover. I would not jump in with both feet but I would start bottom fishing in the UK and leave the EU especially for now. The EU was in a mess before Brexit - the mess is getting worse not better in my view.