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Shifting to Dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by amit sharma, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. amit sharma

    amit sharma New Member

    Hi i have got an offer to move join Dubai in a MNC bank with a monthly salary of 17500 AED . I am married and is based out of India ( Chandigarh ) .

    This is the firts international assignement i have got for Dubai . Wanted to check the precondition before coming to dubai and is it the decent amount in terms of living standrad . I m earning very good amount here

    Will 17500 AED is decent enough for a living and will my wife also get a job in dubai as she is also working here in a MNC bank
  2. dubaindia

    dubaindia New Member

    Hi In dubai

    Hello Amit
    Are you in Dubai or India ? Or still considering the offer!!

  3. sara sentor

    sara sentor New Member

    The amount 175000 AED offered to you is reasonable one. But are you getting any other perks prior to your salary like car fuel, house rent, phone, comission, flights home etc? If they are exclusive of the package then I would suggest you should go ahead with the relocation and the new job, otherwise not.
  4. adamgul

    adamgul New Member

    You can live in dubai with AED 10,000 .It depends where you want to stay .you will get accomodation in ajman where rent is cheap but in dubai rent will be more .But this salary is good to start a new life in dubai
  5. Arabian

    Arabian New Member

    It's a reasonable salary.
  6. lih

    lih New Member

    Hi Amit

    Would you be looking to buy or rent a property in Dubai ?

  7. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    The salary is fair. Keep in mind that you have to pay one year's rent in advance. For an indication of rental prices, see the gulf news website (property) or dubizzle.

    If you have kids going to school - that's very expensive.
  8. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    take the offer. get as many perks as possible including a signing bonus. make your wife work too. rent a place. have a good life.
  9. Njackie

    Njackie New Member

    well yes dubai is a great place to live in and the offer is not bad at all. and yes surely your wife will and can a good job as well. and 17500 AED is alot for a good living!
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