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Shared Ownership Overseas

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by JudithA, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. JudithA

    JudithA New Member


    Thanks for reading, does anyone know where I can get some good information on co-buying property overseas and in particular Canada?

    Or even better has anyone done it?

    Dont UK house prices (and taxes) just get you down sometimes!! I cannot afford to buy here unless I co-buy, no bad thing at all, buy why not move somewhere overseas and co-buy something so much bigger :)

    Any advice appreciated.


  2. annj

    annj New Member

    Share or not to

    Looked at quarter share and 12th share in Canada In the recent past.
    Looked again 2 weeks ago at a quarter share and again very tempted. You own one quarter of the condo or house. However we have found a condo in a different resort to buy for not much more than the 1/4 share.
    Pick your resort and condo carefully and the management company. You may get fixed weeks or the weeks you own may change each year, some times you get 4 weeks together then nothing for a few months. how do they share out the income and the costs, whats it based on owner usage or nights rented out?
    When you own the whole its easier to sort out. May still save up and get the 1/4 share though it was attached to a 4*+ hotel ski in ski out.
  3. KICIta_

    KICIta_ New Member

    Fractional Ownership


    I saw an advert in the independent from an Uk developer in Bulgaria who has released a similar fractional ownership scheme (min ownership 25%- up to 4 owners) and as far as I understand it all depends on the legal issues in a particular country and, of course, the way the contracts are done. Think the company was Bulgarian Property 4u....
    You should be able to gain through capital gains on your share propertionally and use your property for a certain number of weeks.

    Hope that helps
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