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Service Charges for a Studio Apartment

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by qurema0c, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. qurema0c

    qurema0c New Member

    Greetings everyone,

    Does anyone has any idea about the annual service charges for a studio apartment in persian cluster? Last year i remember i paid around DHs 5000.

    Would it be higher this year or lower?

    Inputs would be highly appreciated.
  2. qurema0c

    qurema0c New Member

    Any idea anyone???
  3. Yasir

    Yasir Banned

    they might be a bit higher this time round .. as the apartments are hard to find ..
  4. iced

    iced New Member

    surely that has nothing to do wiht maintence of building. Service charges have nothing to do availability or price changes
  5. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Don’t worry guys IC is Ok.
    DG and some other developments are charged 20000 DHS per year per room for some kind of cooling water - unbelievable
  6. qurema0c

    qurema0c New Member

    Does this mean that the service charges would be somewhere around what we gave last time around?
  7. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Now is free nobody pays service charges.
    When they come to collect we will ask them where the land registration is, and will carry on like this until they register the units.
    Once they register them I think we should get rid of the money making machine Nakheel and elect our community representatives to select companies servicing our buildings.
    A reasonable price should be around 4 DHS per sqft.
  8. qurema0c

    qurema0c New Member

    Thank you for the information. But still hoping that they will soon complete the land registration process.
  9. vishal73

    vishal73 New Member

    International city unit owners association

    I totally agree with you.

    But we should be able to do anything if we act collectively not individually. What I would suggest is lets make a list of unit owners in International city who are ready to club and act together. Like this we can share and discuss our problems and issues. Few days back I had a maintenance requirement in my apartments. And Nakheel refuse to do anything as 1 year DLP( Defect liabilty period ) is over.
    That time I felt you should be in contact with other owners to share your resources and problems.

    If we mutually agree I will make a format in excell sheet which we will forward to the email address of all unit owners who want to be a part of this association, this excel sheet will contain the unit details, email address, contact numbers of the persons. And be sure that this information will be forwarded to the unit owners only and will not be disclosed to anybody else. This list will be updated on daily basis.

    I am no expert in this field. I am just another unit owner in International city. Please feel free to put your comments on the proposal.
  10. zombie

    zombie New Member

    Good point, we should work collectively, the only way for individual unit owners to have any say in the process is if we do so, but how??? We don't know who the other unit owners are, the only people who have that information is the Original Building owner & he/she is unlikely to help, also Nakheel being the largest owner(primarily the russian cluster & some parts of the china cluster) will always be present, so no hopes of taking control of the management of IC from them.

    My perspective is this, as long as property prices keep increasing & we keep collecting rent(consider the returns in % of your original investment), things are fine, The day you want & feel is the right time for you, you are free to sell(Delays in title deed are a slight problem, but at present people get around those issues).

    After all guys you are taking advantage of a boom, till when? I think no one knows how far it will go but most of us are reaping the rewards, so why worry abt Maintenance charges, when they come, they will be higher, the only reason nakheel hasn't mentioned the new charges for 6 months is because they have more than enough collections from the new units handed over this year & funds remaining from collections in the previous year. They are not a Non profit organisation, they will come when they wany & with any charge they like.
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