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Service and maintenance charges?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by vieras, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. vieras

    vieras New Member

    To this point I haven't got a clear picture of how much living on the Palm is going to cost. What will the service and maintenance costs be? I'd really appreciate it if someone could give some real info. I own a canal facing/park facing apartment.
  2. Dune

    Dune Senior Member

    Hi vieras,

    I don't have any specific information myself (yet) but here is a couple of "cut and paste" comments from another forum that might help (thanks in advance to AltTab and numnut for the quotes)

    I'm not sure if this is an accurate measure or not but extrapolating the above it appears the total yearly service charges for a "B type" will be approx. 14 dhs/sq ft (11,000 + 5580 = 16580 dhs per year divided by 1184 sq ft). If this is accurate you could probably extrapolate to come up with an idea of the charges for your unit?

    Anyone who has actually taken delivery and can update us on this would be much appreciated.
  3. vieras

    vieras New Member

    There were also speculations about costs being about AED 17.3 per square foot. And that does NOT include the beach club yet. :(
  4. TOLLS

    TOLLS New Member

    Hi there, I have just joined this forum but have been following the posts on for some months now. We have purchased a Shoreline Apt in Al Nabat thru IFA Hotels & Resorts and we too are still wondering what the overhead costs are going to work out to be! What is the deal with air con??

    We recently received an email from IFA telling us that that a company called Palm District Cooling (PDC) has been exclusively contracted to provide aircon to all Palm properties. And then gave us the estimated annual charge, which in Yr1 includes setup fee, annual capacity fee and security deposit, plus we will be billed monthly for actual consumption charges. Is everyone else aware of this charge?

    There seem to be lots of various charges hitting and we do not have a full comprehensive list, which would be nice at this late stage.

    Also does anyone have any updates on Al Nabat and it's beachclub as IFA give us the usual waffle about satisfactory progress and they are still awaiting details from Nakheel....

    Many thanks in advance for any info.
  5. ATA

    ATA New Member

    Does anyone know now what the maintenance charge will be at the Palm?
  6. ATA

    ATA New Member

    Im looking for maintenance charges for various projects, anyone know where I would be able to obtain this information from. Thanks
  7. kismet

    kismet New Member

    Shoreline Apt service/building charges

    I have just had a financial statement from Nakheel for my Type C shoreline Apt which is 2260 Sq feet ( so they say!).

    PJU Owners Assoc Admin Fund: AED17,630.00
    PJU Owners Assoc Sinking fund: AED18,651.00
    PJU Master Community Admin Fund: AED 5,984.00
    PJU Master Community Sinking fund: AED 5,100.00
    PJU Master Community Sinking Fund No 2 AED 5,100.00

    Total AED 52,465.00
    divided by 2260 (Sq feet) = AED 23.21 Sq foot !!!!

    Compare this with other forums members ( Dune and Vieras) charges which are AED14 sq foot and AED 16 sq foot respectively for 12 months.

    Nakheel charges are inconsistent and they are not replying to my numerous requests for clarification.

    My contract with Nakheel is quite clear and signed by both parties. Nakheels attempt to unilaterally hike the service/building charges smells of predatory behaviour. Maybe they are trying to hide the fact that their listed charges in the contract are already outrageous and unjustifiable?

    Suggest we challenge Nakheel as an owners group
  8. kismet

    kismet New Member

    Dear Numnut,

    I am kismet in the Forum

    I have just received my financial statement from Nakheel in respect of my type C shoreline apartment. They want AED52,000 in charges which equates to AED 23+ sq foot. Naturally I am challinging Nakheel and it will greatly strenghten my hand if I can prove that other shoreline apartment owners are paying AED 14 sq foot. For this reason will you kindly E mail to me a copy of your financial statement. This will be torn up once I have resolved the situation with Nakheel

    Many thanks in advance

    kismet E-mail: [email protected]
  9. kismet

    kismet New Member

    service charges

    Service charges are high averaging dhs 17 per sq foot. What's more the club costs extra. Nakheel is giving the running of the beach clubs to a different company and Nakheel employee's talk as if this was always a separate charge. So expect to pay more in 2008. Nakheel has us hostage for Service charges and seem's determined to make a killing. The impression I have is that there will be no ceiling for service and other charges. Bumpy ride ahead!!

  10. peterh

    peterh New Member

    Palm Service Charges: Knowledge is power

    Here's some info on Palm service charges, based on my own experience. I think these charges are very hign and I am not the only one.

    I own a park facing appartment on The Palm Jumeirah. During handover I had to pay, the following:-

    Owners Assoc Admin Fund 6900

    Owners Assoc Sinking Fund 2,200

    Master Community Admin Fund 1,999

    Master Community Sinking Fund 1,999

    What I did not realise, until I questioned the figures, was that this was the charges for the rest of this year, I.E. for FIVE months, not a full year. Many owners are going to get a shock in January when they receive an annual bill.

    So, the above works out at over 2600 Dirums per month, which is bad enough, but then I am told the Air Con (Con being the appropriate word) is ANOTHER 7000 Dirums per year. So thats over 3000 Dirums per month service charge, which is much more expensive than an appartment I have in London's Mayfair with more facilities and does not look over a building site that was supposed to be a canal!

    Connection of utility services to my Palm appartment is of course extra and no one at Nakheel can tell me what 2008 service charges will be.

    These service charges so high they cannot be justified. It is disappointing to be let down like this and it also relefects badly on the developer and Dubai's emerging property market.

    Confidence in the market and resale values will suffer if
    1) service charges are not reasonable
    2) and are not published in advance
    3) developers make significant changes to developments, for example changing a canal in to a 'park' without discussing this with customers first.

    I say this as a property investor as well as an owner on The Palm.

    I plan to raise the issue of excessive service charges with Nakheel and have joined forces with several other owners. Please contact me if you would like to join us.

  11. wayneis

    wayneis New Member

    Appreciate the update Peter
  12. kismet

    kismet New Member

    Nakheel service and A/C charges

    Dear Peter,

    I have been writing about these excessive charges in the Forum for some time. Look at kismet comments. You are absolutely right that this is an attempt by Nakheel to charge excessive amounts of money for services and unless we band together and complain as a lobby Nakheel will just quietly get away with it. You, together with other owners of Shoreline apartments, are being misled by Nakheel with regartds to PDC, otherwise known as Chilled water A/C. The money you paid up front labelled "Annual tonnage" is an access charge. Yes its a charge for the existence of the machine. For your info there is also a monthly tonnage charge which I understand will be circa Dhs800 in addition to the annuaql Tonnage "access charge" This is just a sneaky way for Nakheel to pump up the service charges. One thing is for sure and that is unless we organize into an owners group Nakheel will continue not to answer my, and probably others, numerous E mails of complaint

    I own Apt 502 in Al-Msalli building and my name is William Cronin. Count me in. I suggest that you makwe a list of all owners willing to participate and write a etter to Nakheel management as the spokesman.

    Kind regards

    Bill Cronin
  13. kismet

    kismet New Member

    direct contact

    Dear Peter,

    Since we are not allowed to post individual E mail addresses in this forum please not that my E mail address is cyprusvillas hotmail Obviously the symbol for "at" should be inserted after cyprusvillas and the "com" at the end

    We can exchange notes on Nakheel so contact me directly


    Bill Cronin Kismet
  14. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Dear All,

    Sorry to hear about all this charges.
    I am one of the many people who have bought a property in Dubai and I am experiencing the same problems with Nakheel as you.
    My question is do you think of getting rid of your property or you will continue fighting for your rights?
    Most of you are investors and are you planning to buy again in Dubai?
    How long this property nonsense will last in Dubai?
    Do you think Nakheel will allow proper developer to enter the market?

    After the initial boom now everything is upside down and only our money are still keeping the market alive.
    But for how long?
    The people will get angry one day and will pack up and go.
    For the last 2 years the cost of leaving has double in Dubai and a lots of people are packing up.
    With all the future developments what is going to happen I don’t know

  15. abbeystar

    abbeystar New Member

    Does anyone know what will the average service charges be for Emirates city?
  16. investor302

    investor302 New Member

    with avanti holding it all goes down to the quality of their product. as developers they simply are trust worthy and they are of the best their is in the business.
    customer care has a new meaning when it comes to avanti holding. you are a king in every way you want when it comes to them.
  17. kismet

    kismet New Member

    Service charges on the Palm are extremely high


    The Palm service charges have been dressed up by Nakheel. Its a bit like Gordon Browns stealth taxes. However, I have added all my outgoings, and have not included utilities since I have a tenant, and the cost per Sq foot is in the region of dhs22. That's £3 sq foot x 2260 sq feet or nearly £7000 p.a. and that was last year. I expect Nakheel will bump it up signifiecently for the coming year.

    To put it into perpspective these square foot rates are comparable to those paid in central london in posh blocks except of course there is no slave labour in london

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