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    Professional Consultant Certificate (PCC)s or Architects Certificates are often advertised as low cost alternatives to a structural warranty, but the reality is they are cheaper for a reason. A professional consultants certificate is not an insurance policy. It is just a certificate identifying who the professional was that undertook the job. If a defect appears, you will have to prove the professional i.e Architect/Engineer was negligent and this can be a costly exercise. It is worth bearing in mind that the certificate is issued on the back of professional indemnity insurance (PI). If the professional fails to renew their own policy or goes out of business – you are unlikely to have any protection whatsoever.
  2. I have never understood people who invest hundreds of thousands of pounds and then look to cut corners and save a few pounds with something so important. Crazy!
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    You would be surprised! A small extra fee to insure millions of pound of investment. But you get what you pay for in the end!
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    I totally agree, you get what you pay for. Why oh why do people take chances like this?

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