Selling our property which is being let out

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I hope someone can advise if they have been in the same situation. We currently let our property. We have just served notice to the tenants (which is 2 months) as we wish to sell. The agents we let through are eager to be our agents for selling, however I have an offer from another agent to sell at a fee of 1/2%. (as opposed to 1.5% our current agents have quoted us) the reason we have had such a low offer is because the agent already has dealings with my family. (my father is a student property landlord so has a good relationship with the cheaper agent.) Obviously we would prefer to pay a reduced fee, but if we go for the cheaper agent we are concerned our letting agent may make it very difficult to arrange viewings etc. And the tenants will not be happy as they have only been in the property for 4 months so far. My question is, which option should we go for:
1) Sell through our current letting agent for a higher fee but at least there will be no problems with gaining access for viewings 2)Sell through the cheaper agent only and hope that the key holding agency do not make things difficult for us? 3)ask both to sell
Has anyone had problems selling a property in which the tenents are still completing the tenancy? I was under the impression that once notice is served tenants/agents have to allow people to view the property. (with 24 hrs notice) can they refuse to let people in?
I am sorry if this does not make much sense, I am quite confused myself. We only let our property for 6 months in order to relocate. Now we wish to buy our own property once more, which is why we need to sell the property we are letting. So we are not career landlords hence my confusion! Thanks in advance for anyone who has any advice.
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Hi Brayan,
Thanks for your reply Matt. I informed the current agent of the cheaper offer, and he spluttered at me and said it wasn?t worth walking in the door for that! But, I told him to offer the house to the tenants first and he said if they take it he would do it for half a percent. so I have made some progress. he told me the tenants are going in for mortgage advice tomorrow, as they are keen on the house, so fingers crossed we will have it easy and they will want to buy, removing the potential problem of difficulty with viewings. I think if they do not put in an offer then I will tell the current agents they have two months to sell (the notice period for the tenants) and if it does not and the tenants move out then pass it to the cheaper agent. Can I do this? Thank you
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