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Selling Land Next Door To Oprah Winfrey

Discussion in 'North America - Real Estate For Sale in North Amer' started by Reel, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Reel

    Reel New Member

    Hi All,

    By now you should know about the Oprah Winfrey Girls Academy that was launched earlier this year(2007). The amazing thing revealed recently, Oprah has built a holiday home within the school, which she was quoted saying she'll be residing at atleast twice a year. Log onto for more.

    Well, I'm currently selling vacant land directly across the street from the school. The Vacant land currently stands at 3700 sqm.

    This land is enough to build atleast 3-4 mansions (400 sqm each), simply by subdividing the land.

    We are offering all of this for only US$215 000

    Here's your chance to reside directly next door to US celebrity Oprah Winfrey in South Africa.
    Email us: [email protected]
  2. Oprah land

    Does the land have planning permission?

    Financial Freedom Gurus
  3. geester

    geester New Member

    You can build a house for arond £45,000 on the land (£107,000 Divided by 4 houses=£26,750 each) Total for each house £71,750, sell them individually for at least £145,000 ($290,000) making the project £290,000 Profit.
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