Selling a property in Berlin

Discussion in 'German Property' started by facelikebambi, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Around 12 years ago, I bought a property in Berlin. It was a cash purchase, no tenant. I'm not a particularly experienced property investor - it just seemed like a good buy.

    Now I'm thinking of selling up. As a UK citizen, my basic understanding is this:
    • No capital gains tax would be due, as I've owned the property for 10+ years
    • I will be taxed 25% of the profit from sale, plus the German 'solidarity charge'
    • The buyer usually pays agency fees in Germany.
    Could anybody confirm that I'm on the right lines? Any top tips at this stage?

    I also wonder what the potential impact of Brexit might be on all this, but I assume that's anyone's guess at this stage :)


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