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Hi Guys,

I'm busy gathering information about how online users are protected on the internet in Malaysia. I ended up here because I red some articles addressing wire fraud scams on real estate agents. In these cases the information of clients are being compromised by hackers. The hackers send phony e-mails that look identical to the legit agent's e-mails and will result in money wiring to the wrong accounts.

Now I am curious to hear your experiences related to this. Let me know if you ever received those kind of e-mails or if you know any developments in security measures to tackle this. Any useful information is welcome!


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I receive these all of the time but more often than not they are redirected to my spam directory. One simple test to see if an email is legit. If they dont know your name - refer to you as Dear Sir, Dear Customer, etc - then they are a con. I find that 99.99% of scam emails do not even know simple details such as my name.


In my experience, if you did not request communication from a thrid party agent then just ignore it. If you receive an email from a company you have dealt with, refer to your older correspondence and phone if possible. Do not hand over your bank account details!