Seasonal Resident Regulations and Issues

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Hi There,

We have applied to immigrate to Canada. We have had to make a special case as we lost points due to our age. We employed an immigration consultant because our case was not straight forward. Fingers crossed that we will be successful. In the meantime we are thinking about buying a house in Canada and living there for significant parts of the year. We are in a position to finance this for a time.

We know that it is possible to stay in Canada as a tourist for up to 6 months at a time. At first we thought this was 6 months in any one year, but it seems that as long as you leave the country after 6 months you can return after a short gap. However it is all down to the discretion of the Immigration Officer who questions you at the point of entry.

Our worry is that this arrangement could be insecure. The main worry is house insurance. Here in the UK your house insurance becomes void if you are away from your house for more than two months. As far as we can tell there are similar rules in Canada. Our worry would be that we might be refused entry on a particular occasion, not be able to get to our Canadian house and the insurance becoming void. We have heard of people owning property in Canada and becoming seasonal residents though we haven't come across anyone personally. Does anyone have any experience of this and the issues involved or can throw some light on the above issues?


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Hi marc,

I have some experience of this - if you wish to contact me feel free to contact me. I own a home in Canada, but am British living and working in the UK. Insurance should not be a problem if you take out a recreation property insurance .
Hope I can help

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