Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by Jen250, Dec 22, 2008.

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    I'm wondering whether anyone is familiar with the Samana Bay area? I've googled it and it seems nice enough, supposedly good for whale watching with some decent hotels in the area.

    I've been offered some property there that I'm thinking of buying. The guy recommending it for me has made me money in the past and I have some USD left over from a property sale.

    They're quoting $60,000 for a studio and $96,000 for a one bed. Beach resort and good management company in place. Rental guarantee etc

    The studio's seem fairly large (62sqm) and are about half the price of other dvelopments I've seen being promoted.

    Would you say buying two studios for $120k makes more sense than buying a one bed for $96k?



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