Sahara Resort, Saidia - Studio Apt Available

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I have a one bed studio apartment to sell on the 5* Sahara Beach & Spa Resort (RT-6),Saidia.

My circumstances have changed and unfortunately will have to now sell the property. I am gutted about this as its location on the site is fantastic.

The specific details of the property are below.

Type F - Oreille-de-Souris - 1 bedroom suite, Completion due 2010.

A plot plan is viewable from the Le Jardin de Fleur site, link below.

Le Jardin de Fleur | Projects | Sahara Beach & Spa Resort (RT-6)

Please send PM for further details.


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Me too either, want to buy something in international city, however as per the bank they can only finance those properties which are
1. Ready for transfer
2. Builder has to be Nakheel, Vakson, Scheffield, Creative investments, ARY.
I am very much confused how to find that out and any ad i see or agent i call they tell me they will check and let me know but no one calls up....
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