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Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Chris1234, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Chris1234

    Chris1234 New Member

    What do you guys feel about investment in Russia more specifically St Petersburg?

    Considering their current economic disposition with massive growth due to oil do you feel their is major real estate oppurtunities?
  2. rayk150

    rayk150 New Member

    True, but a little late, late meaning prices are very high right now, of course they grow futher but how much is the question, some very nice development going on in the city, be carefull of the agents in Russia, lets say I had some fun with these guys in the past (not fun really, but looking back it was), meaning their crooks, but most are bad crooks in my experance.
    Enjoy Russia it's a might country and is in a huge growth stage right now.
  3. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    The Russian Government has demonstrated scant regard for investors and this trickles right down to ground level.

    I would'nt sleep a wink if I invested there.
    Why bother when there are places with just as much potential yet 100% safer. I'd point you to East Germany out near the Polish border where prices are low, yields can be high and you benefit from the economic growth of both nations. The border has recently been completely opened so Germans and Poles can come and go as they please.

    We have found Poles wanting to rent our German flats!

    Honestly, I really have learned over the years that investing without safety is a non starter. Warren Buffet the worlds richest man always bangs on about not taking silly risks.
  4. ashahani

    ashahani New Member

    I am looking for international property agents in russia. Please help me. I need property agents in russia selling properties all around the world...any good ideas where to start...thanks in advance
  5. Anton

    Anton New Member

    We have in St.Petersburg grow in price since 2006 by 120%. At the moment price stay falt in some new buldings in prime locations it go up.Also the downtown price go up too but very slow.Experts say that prices will slow down and stay flat from end of this year.
  6. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Good post investy. This could almost be me posting this one. Germany is hard to beat for a variety of reasons.
  7. rayk150

    rayk150 New Member


    prices are big per sqm, but will go on, but slower, for smaller investors, their is better safer markets to invest
  8. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Does anyone have any information on second and third-tier cities in Russia?

    If prices here are still sensibly priced compared to Moscow and St. Pete's, these could be interesting now if they follow the trajectories of Eastern European markets.
  9. Did you have a look t properties in other Destinationa like Red Sea Specialy lot of Russians love the area
  10. Ira

    Ira New Member

    Russia!!??? No!!! Very very hight prices. and growing slowly. I am russian. I know what I am talking about. Criminal situation so bad especially in St.Petersburg
  11. Paul Rafferty

    Paul Rafferty New Member



    I am looking for an agent in Russia who can introduce a buyer/investor for a property opportunity in Ireland. We had some interest from "mystery" Russians, but nothing came of it. Region 8 m euro.
  12. I'm also as well lookng for some agents in Russian federations to promote our properties in The Red Sed Area, Egypt
  13. fier14

    fier14 New Member

    Agree. It's very hard to do business over there, very hard. There is a lot of red tape, conflicting laws, crooks, etc... If anyone gets involved, then I recommend to use the buy-improve-flip method,
    forget about renting. you will have to be there if you want to rent.. the agents are unreliable and non trustworthy...I can go forever about Russia as I am doing some business there, but considering to pull out...
  14. Anton

    Anton New Member

    In Russia it is hard to deal with real estate it is new market. However we had near 200% grow in prices in apartments and they still go up. In 2006 people buy apartments for 40.000 usd now they sale them for more then 200.000 usd.After all it is OK to invest into Russia but fast investment. Long investment better do in Europe.Also the key point is that it is lot of risk in Russia and for safe investment people from outside they can invest in to more safe locationes.
  15. Paul Rafferty

    Paul Rafferty New Member

    Looking for agent

    Just to clarify - I am NOT looking to invest in Russia, I am looking for someone to purchase a property opportunity in Ireland - I am looking for contacts who can help me find a Russian buyer.
  16. fier14

    fier14 New Member

    Fair enough. Apologies for posting here.
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