Right strategy right property in Bulgaria

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With this post we are hoping that people who are looking to invest in Bulgaria will find our independent information useful and helpfull.

We fully believe in the high potential of Bulgarian property investment so long as the correct research and due diligence is carried out. Most people don't have the time for this, or perhaps the necessary skills, so our aim is to do the hard work for you, finding great deals, doing the research and negotiating discounts. In so doing, we hope to provide you with the information and tools to enable you to evaluate our deals, and make decisions that are right for you.

Wherever the deal may be, our key principles on property investing remain the same:

* Buying under market value – locking in equity when you buy and letting the discount help you to sell in any market condition.
* Capital growth – looking for hotspots where demand is triggered but supply is constrained.
* Deal structure – making the most of leverage and getting your capital working harder.

We are happy to help anyone with their property strategy in Bulgaria just e-mail at :[email protected]

Happy investing
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