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Review of Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by [email protected], Jan 20, 2007.


    [email protected] New Member

    Has anyone read the book by Charrissa Cawley, She turned her self into a Millionaire in a one year time frame doing real estate deals.

    I personally liked it. It's full of tips and illustrations and takes you through every step of rehabbing homes from purchase to sale, as well as a great section on doing the financial analysis of the properties.
    Is there anyone else who has read anything or seen anything about her and if so what is your opinion on it? Someone told me there was a video about a buying tour (not sure what that is) at the You Tube website. Is it you tube dot com? Has anyone seen that video? Any feedback?
  2. carlos

    carlos New Member

    I've read it and yes I have seen the video. Great stuff. She’s one of the best I have ever heard or seen on real estate investing! Move over Donald Trump! Ha! No seriously…It is a little on the vague far as going in real depth about how to rehab. However it does tell you all you need to know from a general perspective and got me going in the right direction. Great info and oh yeah, the video is on you tube. I saw it too. Pretty cool-they do these buying tour things where charrissa takes a bunch of investors on a bus and takes them to buy property or something. I’m going to check into that too. Maybe Ill see you on a tour with her…who knows!
  3. John

    John New Member

    Sounds good

    I'm going to check it out now.

    How does a member get banned after ONE post?! :) Poor Timmy
  4. MarceloRuiz

    MarceloRuiz New Member

    Hi, i watched the video. I think it is amateur. Sorry.
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