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Discussion in 'Legal & Regulatory' started by Anon Private, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Anon Private

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    I am reposting my question here because I did not get a response from the legal forum

    UK resident

    A while ago, I considered renting a room in a house where there were several other house-mates. I decided not to sign the tenancy.

    The landlord said he would refund the security deposit (I do not believe he protected it because I did not sign the lease), and when I delayed my response she said that the full refund required an immediate response.

    She wants to subtract £100 from the £600 deposit on the grounds that she and her husband travelled and did work and that their other tenants also did work.

    The landlord said he will deposit £500 in my account if I agree that the £100 should be deducted and that that will be the end of the matter.

    Should I accept the £500?

    Ps. If it matters, the landlord was tardy in her responses, quibbling about the email address I used, and not responding to my calls that went to voicemail; email responses were also very slow
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    I have tagged some experienced landlords here on the forum to give you some insight into the best way forwards :) @Nicholas Wallwork @Tracey Woods HMO
  3. Tracey Woods HMO

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    Hi there, I'm sorry to learn that you have had a bad experience with a landlord offering rental rooms. As an expert in this area can I ask if you have any written confirmation about the deposit, how much it would be and what would be the procedure for refunding it if you were not to proceed with the tenancy?

    It sounds like they took one months rent as a deposit but as you did not proceed with the tenancy they have decided to keep some to cover their costs. Did you have anything via email that suggested that this would be the case if you did not go ahead?
  4. Anon Private

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    I was offered a full refund, but because I delayed in my response and the landlord subsequently did some work she takes the view that £100 should be subtracted. I now have the refund minus £100.
  5. Anon Private

    Anon Private Member

    I clicked on the links but did not see any information. I may not be using these links as you intended.
  6. realdeals

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    Do you have full details of the work which has supposedly been carried out? I am not sure how you are liable for their travel costs?
  7. Anon Private

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    I have no details. I believe that the £100 was deducted because she travelled and waited for me. By this time, I had arranged another tenancy. She also said that the other tenants had labelled shelves and made space in preparation for my arrival. I doubt this very much. They (tenants) were not over keen on another arrival to use the space that was already occupied. I received an overall negative experience when visiting.

    I have received the refund, minus £100. Most people have advised me to forgot the £100 and move on. I have taken their advice.

    Best wishes
  8. diyhelp

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    Unfortunately I doubt you will get you £100 back. I think those who advised you to put it down a bad experience are right.

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