Retiring to the UK from USA

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by alexa, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. alexa

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    Hi Everyone,

    My husband and I will be retiring this year, and are very interested in relocating to the UK. Any advice, tips, or sharing of personal experiences by those who have done the same would be very much appreciated. I am a newbie to this group, and currently live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
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    We are already in the situation you are considering. We have a home on the Oregon coast and we live aboard our Dutch barge moored at Canary Wharf in London.

    The key is a residential mooring. We are on one of two in central London. That means the marinas are gated with security so you don't have to worry leaving your boat for long periods of time.

    Current annual fees for a 16 Meter(almost 50 feet) vessel are ?4160. The two marinas are Limehouse and Poplar. They are managed by British Waterways Marinsa Ltd and you can check out boats for sale in both these marinas by going to their web site. Limehouse is particularly good for narrow boaters because you can get right on to the canal network from the marina. Here at Poplar, you would have to go via the tidal Thames to do that.

    I spend about ?28 on electricity every two months, ?50 on LPG bottles every three months (heats water, gas burners and oven). The phone runs about ?35 a quarter, the broadband connection is ?29 a month, and the satellite TV system is also ?29 a month. Every two months the waste tanks are pumped out at ?12 a time. Water is free. Diesel for heating and engine runs about ?300 a year but we also make long trips which boosts the cost.

    You won't pay council taxes because you are on a moveable vessel. Every three years, any steel vessel needs to come out of the water to clean and repaint the bottom and attach new anodes. I budget ?1000 for this but we are a big 23 meter boat displacing 60 tons so it would be less for a smaller vessel.
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    Well most of us were in this kind of situation they have passed too. Even, I have passed on this kind of similar situation. I advise you to have an plan before you start purchasing any kind of property. I currently stays at liverpool. This is the place which is beautiful and has all that we need.
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  5. angelinalove

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    Now a days you can buy property any where bcoz in recession condition this is the best time for buyers but make inquiry properly and consult agents before buying.
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    don't retire to the UK, the place is bankrupt, crime is on the rise, you will regret it
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    Why don’t you consider retiring in Bulgaria?

    There are many reasons for this and the first consideration is a very low cost of living: Bulgaria is known to have the lowest cost of living almost anywhere in Europe.

    British people moving to Bulgaria report that they feel much happier and safer on the streets than they did at home. Many Brits have come to Bulgaria for the summer and end up staying for much longer.

    See according to this one - The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and the US | Retirement Homes in Bulgaria Britain is most violent country in Europe!
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    Retiring to UK from USA

    Hi, nice to hear that you are retiring to UK from USA. You can plan on investment, property investment is the best way to invest and make life for future survival.
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    Wow Cape cod, now that sounds like a place to retire!
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    Your City Office

    It is good that you are retiring to UK from USA. here you will find many business opportunity. you can start investment on property and many more.
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    There are a lot of investment opportunities here, you can easily settle here, good that you are retiring to UK.

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