Resort Investment Op in Canada!

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I would like to bring attention to an incredible investment opportunity.


In the Bow Valley, near Canmore, Alberta, Canada.


This Resort is currently constructing Phase 1, Phase 2 will be underway next year with a completion time of 2.5 - 3 years!

A 15% deposit holds any unit and locks the price until completion, when you can either sell / rent or enjoy it yourself.

Resort Real Estate in Alberta has enjoyed incredible growth over the last few years, and with the recent boom in Albertas Oil Sands more people and jobs are comming than ever before.

Appretiation has been steady at about 10-15% per year on resort property in the area, you are, in effect, buying 30-45% return on your property value for a 15% deposit on todays prices!

What we offer:

-Large variety of unit sizes and layouts.
-4 Star resort quality and comfort
-1 Acre central courtyard with pools / hot tubs / gardened areas
-Year round Outdoor pool
-Fitness Centre
-Childrens play area
-Underground parking
-Elevator access everywhere
-*You are situated in Bow Valley right by the Bow River!
-Easy Access to 5+ World class Golf Courses
-Easy Access to 5+ World class Ski Hills

Phase 1 is 90% sold ( 12 months +/- away )
Phase 2 is 50% sold ( 2.5-3 years away )

For more information please call me directly in Calgary, Alberta @
1-403-561-8772 ( anytime )
or email me @ [email protected]

Also visit our website for more info:


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Unlimited Supply 50%LTV Bank REOs/Notes

Our Group Processed 20 $Billion Last Week
4 Years In the Industry
We Have Access to 33 Major American Banks
Minimum Order $5 million with NO UPPER LIMIT
Call 800-570-051 and Leave your Name and Number Twice

As you certainly know many fund managers are moving portions of their money into real estate holdings due to the uncertain stock market and if you would like that option I am able to connect you with the best banking sources that are selling their foreclosed homes (REO) and notes on real property at 50% or so of the properties' appraised values. Sales are taking place now in the billions. The bankers are having to foreclose on homes at a massive rate as you certainly know and they are selling them to investors at deep discount to get them off their books. The investors like half price homes better than half sure stocks.

I am an ordinary businessperson with extraordinary connections at this harsh time for the stock market. I cannot help but seeing a pin poised next to a bubble full of money that is also melting. The good thing is that if the money is moved from the melting bubble and put into strong buildings the pin would simply bend when it hit the side of the brick house or hotel into which the money is smartly moved. Bubble or building for the money? Many of us have told our children the story of the three pigs finally finding the brick house and perhaps it is time for us grown ups to remember it. (grin). Is the bear market now actually a wolf market? I know the way to the brick houses and other forms of real estate holdings where it is safe from all this huffing and puffing.

Let me know of I can be of service.
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