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Resale in Morocco

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by orlando, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. orlando

    orlando New Member

    I must declare an interest, I am an agent, the leading English owned company in Morocco, with offices in Tangier and Marrakech. I live between both.

    I won?t advertise, as promised, but would like to open a subject for discussion, which is the acquisition of land around Tangier and Marrakech.

    Land is a great investment price per square meter rising all the time with the entry of big players likeFadesa and E Maar into the market.

    Riadss in both cities are also great; apart from being fun their value increases all the time too.
  2. LBYL!

    LBYL! New Member


    Orlando, hi

    I didn't realise that advertising was frowned upon on this site, so apologies to the administrators if I've broken the rules!

    I'd be very interested in getting into contact with you, Orlando, to discuss business. You can reach me on [email protected] or on +33 6 18 25 85 20 except for the 23/10 when I'm travelling.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  3. marocamer

    marocamer New Member


    My husband and I are interested in purchasing an apartment in Casablanca, I know that is not the city you advertised, but we were hoping you could assist us as we need an English speaking agent.

    Thank you,

    Abdellatif and Julia Fadde
    [email protected]
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