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Req.: Flat + Residence or Business Visa in Dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by skshah, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. skshah

    skshah New Member

    Hi !

    I am from India. I am a webmaster with lots of sites. My main customer base are from US and UK. And my business run online only.

    In my Family, ME+My Wife+1 6yr old daughter + 1.5yr old son.

    Now I am planning to live in Dubai so, I req. above details from you guys...
    (If possible give me price details in INR or US$)

    1. Can I get residence visa with my family members ? and at what cost ?

    2. I like to purchase property (residence) in Dubai so, is there any scheme from Dubai Gov. to get VISA with property purchase ?

    3. If I get than what is the minimum requirements to get VISA for me and my family (total 4 people) ?

    4. Property price in Good locality (Indian locality more preferable) with 2 BD + Hall + kitchen Flat / bungalow / row house.

    5. Annual cost of living like Gov. Tax, Fix Annual maintenance cost for residence, Any other FIX cost ...

    6. Is there any website available to get this all details ? OR I get all in this website only :)

    Waiting for your prompt reply....


  2. docc

    docc New Member

    Hi Siddharth,

    1) You cannot just buy a Residence visa. The visa scheme associated with property purchase is under controversy so i am not sure what the situation there is.

    2) Same as above. This is kind of controversial for now. It was promised before but is under review right now.

    3) Refer 1 and 2

    4) In Dubai, a good 2 BR apartment will be upwards of INR 2 crore's while a townhouse would be around INR 3.5 Crores and above. Bungalow (Villa) will be around INR 4 crore's and above.

    5) Inflation is at its highest right now in Dubai so living here is getting expensive. Biggest expensive for most people is accommodation. Annual rent for a 2BR apartment in a good area should be around AED 150k (INR 1.5 lakhs) and above, usually around 200k (INR 2 lakhs) if in areas like Dubai Marina or Burj Dubai. For a family of your size, depending on your lifestyle, expect to spend around 7-10k (INR 70,000 - 1 lakh) a month for education, insurance, living expenses etc. Again, this is subjective. It all depends on your lifestyle really, so i can't really answer that question accurately.

    6) Forums like this would be the best place to get such answers :)

    Good luck with your plans!
  3. talk

    talk New Member

    Docc...could you give me any more imformation on types of fees for education and what age groups do they start the fees.

    This is only for a gathering of information purpose and not for personnel reasons.

  4. docc

    docc New Member

    Hi Talk,

    Education is getting expensive here and is paid right from pre-school!

    Expect to pay an average of AED 1000/month per child. I don't think transportation would be covered in this so add another AED 150-200/month for this. I've been told that some private schools charge as much as AED 300/month for transportation alone.
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